The Aesthetics of Relationships Seen Through Clay

-Lee Kwan-hoon (curator of Project Space Sarubia)

Cross-section of Forms in Motion

-Lee Sun Young (art critic)

Artist’s Statement

I make art that involves reinterpreting phenomena and objects of nature, with an interest in how humans and the world around them view and relate to one another. Space and matter are important prerequisites for my life, but they are a trivial part that I often give short shrift. However, when I produce work by concentrating more and more on the properties of matter and phenomena, things that had been indeterminate can become constricted as my own perceived perspective. When these phenomena are rendered as images, the billows or waves are sensed as flames, and independent yet similar images are obtained, moving in regular, predetermined directions. In addition, the results obtained through the same generative process of creating objects are sometimes different from expected, representing yet a different form. Through these observations, my aim is to look into the value and role of individual objects, breaking away from the conventional modes of perception which are selected for efficiency and generation of economic profit.

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